iPhone 5S

If you are looking at upgrading. Check the carrier site for your contract renew date. Some times you can get a early date by calling. If you have an old iPhone you can sell it with one of the services. Verizon has a trade-in program. Gazelle is famous but only gives a so so price but they are trusted. Gizmodo has a good article on trading in. Glyde and Nextworth give good prices. Put a post on facebook and see if anyone wants your old phone. You never know.

Nexus 4/5

At $199 it is a still good but it doesn’t have turn LTE 4G. For most people it is a good phone at the 2 year contract price without the contract. It even works overseas because it is unlocked.

Moto X

The first phone from Motorola with Google’s help. Really nice phone with a big display and a small form factor. This is the phone to get if you don’t want an iPhone.

Smart Phones

I was looking at Verizon and where the phones are coming from. Here is the breakdown. Looks like South Korea is winning.

Apple us
Motorola us
South Korea

The best Phone/Phone service

Well this is complicated. If you travel out of the country AT&T is your best bet as they have the best roaming plans and most phones will work well in most other countries. Verizon is the best USA carrier because they use lower frequencies that give better reception. AT&T only uses the frequencies in some markets and also sometimes it’s Edge and some times it’s 3G. Not very consistent. Verizon also has a better data network back-haul. The connection to the cell tower is not always the fastest but the connection to the Internet is better. Verizon has been doing Internet for a long time and they are good at it. Like all things there are exceptions. I know of places where Verizon does not have coverage and the same for the other carriers. You have to use the best carrier for your location. The one exception I can think of is T-Mobile. They have great service and in some cases the best price but they use higher frequencies that cause coverage issues. On top of that they don’t have very good coverage outside of the bigger cities. If they work for you and you happen to be in a hspa+ coverage area you can get 21M down and a cheap price. As fast or faster then Sprint 4G. Right now the best way to go is get an AT&T iPhone and a Verizon Moto X. Of course you will look like batman with your utility belt but you will have internet and phone service everywhere.